Philippines welcomes and approves the registration of foreign medical graduates in the country

House Bill 10145: Philippines Opens Doors to Registration for Foreign Medical Graduates!


  A core group representing 21 affected medical schools in the Philippines praised the House of Representatives for approving a key provision in House Bill 10145. This bill, titled “An Act Providing for a Philippine Medical Act, Repealing Republic Act 2382 (Medical Act of 1959),” allows for the registration of foreign medical graduates from Philippine medical schools.

  In an interview on Saturday, Atty. Julito D. Vitriolo, the group's principal legal and technical consultant, commended Congress for recognizing the need to update the outdated Medical Act of 1959. “The approved amendments are long overdue. It’s time the government adapts to the demands of globalization, which will help the Philippines attract more foreign students and increase foreign direct investments,” said Vitriolo, a former executive director of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Vitriolo hopes the government’s executive branch will fully support the influx of foreign students, particularly those choosing the Philippines for their education. “We want to maintain our high standards in medical education and view the influx of foreign students positively, as we benefit from their presence,” he said. He concluded by saying, “The government's response to this issue will encourage more foreign medical students to study in the Philippines, which is beneficial for the country.”