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47 years of excellence in being the best medical colleges for MBBS in Philippines.

Established in 1976, Davao Medical School Foundation has been a top choice for students to pursue the MBBS degree in Philippines recognized by NMC and other various international certification councils. Ranked among the Top 4 Medical College in Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation has been home to many native, Indian and other foreign students for the last 47 years producing some of the best Doctors and Healthcare Professionals around the world, thus, making DMSF the best medical colleges in Philippines for Indian students.

Situated in the island of Mindanao, the student-friendly environment of Davao serves as an ideal location to not only hone your medical skills but also develop a well-formed personality with a lot of exposure and opportunities to succeed making it ideal to study MBBS in Philippines.

Inspired by the community orientation of the Founders, Davao Medical School Foundation Inc. has created a network of aspiring students, experienced faculties and affiliations with renowned hospitals into one efficient system streamlined for innovation and empower students with life-saving skills and help them pursue their dreams of a becoming a doctor or healthcare professional in the best of the environments and practices. A student studying MBBS in Philippines, by the time starts practising, already inherits all the essential practical skills.

DMSF registered a 99% pass rate in the Physicians Licensure Exam (PLE) and an 85% pass rate in Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) making it the most successful college to study MBBS abroad. Rivalling even the best Indian Medical colleges and other top MBBS colleges, DMSF with its proven track record of success in FMGE has an edge, thereby, making it the best medical colleges in Philippines and one of the top colleges to study MBBS in the world.

Due to its contribution to the field of Medical Education and its exceptional performance, DMSF has been internationally recognised and awarded by the Healthcare Services of the American Government. And with state-of-the-art technologies and learning facilities, DMSF is unrivalled when it comes to providing students with hands-on experience. DMSF is the first and only college in the Philippines to use Simulated Mannequins and various other AI-enabled instruments.

Davao Medical School Foundation with years of credibility and outstanding results has become one of the top medical colleges in the Philippines. Amongst many choices for one to study MBBS abroad in some of the top medical colleges in the world, DMSF with its exclusive benefits, features, low-cost admission and experienced faculty, makes it more than ideal for one to study MBBS in Philippines.

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