Kings FMGE coaching classes: Dr David K Pillai announces the schedule for FMGE 2021

Kings FMGE coaching classes: Dr David K Pillai announces the schedule for FMGE 2021.

The Foreign Medical Graduates Examination is the licensure examination every foreign medical graduate have to write to acquire a license to practice in India. Earlier this year, the National Medical Commission announced 18th June 2021 to be the date of the FMGE for the June session. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the dates are most likely to be postponed. Every year, Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and Kings International Medical Academy conduct these FMGE coaching classes and allowing the students of Davao Medical School Foundation to acquire their license to practice in India in the first go. Likewise, this year too, FMGE coaching classes are about to commence and Dr David K Pillai in his webinar held on 11th May 2021 has confirmed and assured the students of many counts.

Earlier the students of DMSF would get to avail of this FMGE coaching. But from this year, for FMGE 2021, KIMA will be open to all the students who want to prepare for the FMGE 2021 most comprehensively.

Why choose Kings FMGE?

Kings FMGE in association with Davao Medical School Foundation has a very successful track record when it comes to FMGE. FMGE 2021 is no exception to this rule. With the highest passing percentage of 85% at FMGE, Kings FMGE has been a pillar for all the FMGs. From quality study materials to one-on-one doubts clearing session, from daily mock tests to revision on high yield topics and with a dedicated residential campus with separate study cabins for each student, FMGE coaching at KIMA is rigorous but guaranteed to be fruitful.

Tentative Dates and Modes of Classes for FMGE 2021:

Given the current situation, Dr David Pillai has announced that the FMGE 2021 coaching classes are to commence from 5th June 2021. The preference is to start the face-to-face classes which are subject to availability but remains the first and the only priority. In the worst-case scenario, online classes will be the backup option and if the situation is not conducive to host face-to-face classes the FMGE coaching programme might kick off with online classes.

Fee Structure and Residential Accommodations:

The fee for the FMGE coaching is INR 55,000 including GST. Being a residential campus, the students will be given dormitory accommodation along with mess facilities. FMGE requires rigorous and dedicated practice without any kind of disturbance. Each student must be willing to dedicate 15 hours of study to ace the FMGE 2021. Hence, we want to provide everything to the students to make their lives easy. Be it the quality study material or a late-night cup of coffee to keep you awake, we are there with you at every step. Also, the campus will be kept isolated during this period to not only avoid distractions for the students but also keep it in a safe bubble. The accommodation charges are INR 10,000 monthly including GST which the students need to bear separately.

Campus Arrangements and Safety Protocols:

Dr David K Pillai cares for his students like his own children. To ensure the students are safe on the campus while they undergo the FMGE coaching, The campus will not be accessible to outsiders and will be kept closed at all times. Students need to carry their test results while entering for the first time. There are multiple thermal checkpoints and sanitisation points where not only the temperature is checked but also create some disinfectant drives. The campus will have an in-built ICU and medical emergency rooms in case of any extreme situation which God forbid doesn’t happen. Nonetheless, every little safety aspect has been taken care of. The dormitories are spacious and each student will be given a dedicated study cabin to avoid overcrowding. KIMA will ensure that all the Covid protocols and guidelines are strictly followed at all times.

Lastly, FMGs and their Roles in this Crisis:

Dr David K Pillai has taken it upon his shoulders to fight for justice and equality for the Foreign Medical Graduates and above all Dr Pillai wants to aid the existing depleting healthcare facilities. As Dr Pillai himself explained, the loss of material things like medicines, beds, oxygen cylinders and ventilators can be bought and managed but how do you replace the depleting healthcare professionals? With the current update from the Govt. of India to allow the fourth year local MBBS students to join the cause of Covid Taskforce, The Foreign Medical Graduates who have completed their MBBS degree feel they are hard done by.

It is with this very notion that Dr David K Pillai is mobilizing a team of officials and administers who can take up this to the Supreme Court and PM’s office to plea and request the Govt to allow FMGs (Foreign Medical Graduates) to help the healthcare facilities and doctors at this time of crisis. Dr Pillai has requested his students to be ready to join the cause as soon as they get the call but has also asked the students to be cautious and safe, at all costs.

In the webinar, Dr Pillai has discussed various models which will be proposed by Dr Pillai and his team to make sure FMGs are treated on the same ground and get the same perks and privileges. Some of the ideas discussed are: Asking for a stipend for the FMGs if they are allowed to practice or help the Covid Taskforce. Also, the govt can consider some sort of waiver in terms of cut-off or scrape the exam altogether. Dr Pillai himself is leading the cause and assures the students this year FMGE 2021 will be kept very easy to make sure 90% of the students can acquire their license. Also, various changes regarding the pattern of FMGE has been discussed but the highlight remains the same: Allow Foreign Medical Graduates to Join the Cause and let them help our healthcare access and facilities.


  • 1. FMGE Coaching Classes to start from 5th June 2021.
  • 2. The mode of classes will be Face-to-Face. (Subject to Change)
  • 3. The Fee Structure is INR 55,000 for the entire package.
  • 4. INR 10,000 per month for accommodation and food.
  • 5. Venue: The Residential Campus of Kings International Medical Academy at Mahabalipuram.
  • 6. FMGs should be prepared to serve the nation at the very first notice.