Rules, Regulations and other guidelines of DMSF for the students

Rules, Regulations and other guidelines of DMSF for the students of BS Program Batch 2020-2021

Davao Medical School Foundation in association with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd has started the new batch for the BS Program for the academic year 2020-2021. Accordingly, the Pune and the Chennai campus have opened their academies to resume the face-to-face classes of the ongoing session.

Both the campuses have been functioning since 5th February 2021 before which the Pre-registration was majorly carried out in online mode to make the admission and registration process hassle-free for the students and also to avoid overcrowding at the campuses regarding the Covid guidelines and protocols.

From 5th February onwards, the Chennai and the Pune campus started their student's arrival for the completion of the registration and admission process. To streamline the registration process, 5 counters were created at the campuses each with a specific objective to fulfil.

At the core of this process, safety and hygiene were the key priorities. Several guidelines were stipulated for the students to follow during this entire process to ensure we follow all the protocols the Government of India has mandated. The basic regulations were:

  • Students were asked to fill out their pre-registration form well in advance to reduce the steps required at the campus.
  • Students were requested to travel with fewer family members to accompany them to the campuses to avoid overcrowding at the campus.
  • Students were mandated to carry a Covid-19 Negative Test Report done within 48 hours of arrival without which entry to the campuses wasn’t permitted.
  • Students, family members and the staff were advised to wear masks.
  • Specific counters were created with the flexible date of arrival for the students to avoid mass gatherings at the campus on any given day.
  • Various thermal checkpoints and other sanitization points were created all around the campuses for regular checking.
  • Daily Disinfectant Drives of the dorms and the hallways were carried out by the staff.

Now with the resumption of the face-to-face classes, it has become even more important for us to enforce stringent and strict guidelines both in disciplinary measures and hygiene protocols.

Here are 8 essential Rules & Regulations for all the students of DMSF at the Pune and the Chennai campuses which they must follow in all conditions for face-to-face classes:

  • As per the Covid-19 guidelines, masks in the classes have been made mandatory.
  • Students won’t be allowed to carry mobile phones in the classroom. However, students can deposit their phones in the office lockers in the morning before the classes start.
  • Students are expected to follow strict discipline and prescribed dress code is required to enter the classroom.
  • Punctuality is very important as latecomers will be marked absent.
  • All boys are required to come to college with a trimmed beard and neatly cut hair.
  • Students must follow the canteen rules and timings.
  • No leave will be granted without taking prior permission from management. Leaves are granted only after confirmation from the parents along with the leave letter.
  • Students are expected to maintain the college decorum at all times & all places.
    • As you begin your journey to pursue your dream and become successful doctors and inspiring individuals we need to make sure we hone not only your medical skills but also shape a personality that will help you to be the changemaker of tomorrow. Ensuring your safety is our top priority. We hope our batch of new students will uphold the pristine standards of Davao Medical School Foundation and take the glorious banner of DMSF to new heights of success.