Official Announcement By Dr David K Pillai on DMSF

Official Announcement By Dr David K Pillai on DMSF pre-registration, date of arrival and schedule for Face to Face Classes for the BS Batch 2020-2021

Held on 20th January 2021, Dr David K Pillai, President and Chief Executive Officer of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd, has taken the opportunity to address all the students of Davao Medical School Foundation regarding various important updates like availability of pre-registration forms, date of arrival for the new admissions to the Pune and Chennai Campus, the schedule for Face to Face classes for the BS Batch of 2020-2021 and other crucial information to kick-start the new batches for the BS program at Davao Medical School Foundation. The seminar was conducted over Zoom application and was attended by various students and their parents and was aimed to clear the doubts regarding the admission process and also to inform the students regarding the plans the administration of DMSF has in store for all the students inassociation with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd.

The Covid Crisis:

As we all know that the year 2020 was plagued by a Pandemic that almost brought the 21st-century human civilization to an absolute standstill. The Covid-19 crisis has affected the usual scheme of life that we all were used to and delayed the natural progression. But like all crises and challenges, we learn to overcome, we learn to evolve & adapt. Because of this outbreak, the DMSF’s schedule for the new admissions for the BS program of 2020-2021 batch got delayed as none of the offices in India and the Philippines were functional during the peak months of this crisis. As a result, the subsequent dates for the college curriculum for the upcoming BS program got delayed.

Dr David K Pillai shares his unique insight into this whole crisis and took the effort to visit Davao Medical School Foundation last month to ensure the wellbeing and the safety of the current Indian students at DMSF. Dr Pillai upon his visit has witnessed firsthand the stringent protocols the college administration has enforced for the safety of the students and the staff. Having interacted with the students currently in the 3rd and the 4th year of the program, Dr Pillai is hugely satisfied seeing the children safe, secure and most importantly, happy. In one-on-one interactions with many students, Dr Pillai has learned about the immense effort the DMSF staff has taken to make sure the students remain healthy, well-fed and safe without compromising on the curriculum. DMSF was the only college to have continued its curriculum during the pandemic. When the rest of the colleges around the world sent their students back home, Davao Medical School Foundation took the responsibility for the student’s safety and security all the while keeping the curriculum going through online modules and socially distanced classroom setups.

A few of the daily health and hygiene practices, protocols and guidelines followed by Davao Medical School Foundation are listed below:

  • DMSF’s Daily Disinfectant Drive (twice a day): Disinfecting the dorms, the hallways, the classrooms and the entire premise of the college.
  • Rearranging the Classroom Seating Arrangement
  • Enforcing Social Distancing all the time
  • Regular Swab Test of the faculty, staff & the students
  • Sanitizing every touchpoint including lab equipment
  • Mandatory usage of Masks & Gloves
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Thermal Checkpoints
  • Ensuring pristine health standards
  • Immunity boosting breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the students.

Being a healthcare institution, DMSF has a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of hygiene and health and has been a shining example of the same. It fills Dr Pillai with pride and satisfaction knowing the students are in the safest of hands possible.

Given all these measures in place, the officials met and discussed the revised plan for the BS batch 2020-2021 and have come up with a new schedule for the Online Pre-registration, Date of Arrival & the schedule for Face to Face classes. On the meeting held on zoom on 20th January, Dr Pillai also talks about the Dos and Don’ts for the students starting their BS Program and also has a message for all the concerned parents regarding the importance of verifying the sources of news they acquire regarding Transworld Educare and/or Davao Medical School Foundation.

A special mention to all the professors, the dean and the staff of Davao Medical School Foundation for their outstanding effort to keep the college safe and the curriculum intact. Itis with this very thought that even for the registration and arrival of the students in the Chennai and Pune campus, we at Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd as the principal associate of DMSF will carry all the necessary steps and precautions to keep the Covid protocols in action. It is also important for the students and the parents to follow the guidelines listed as per the authority.

Online Pre-registration Forms:

The Online Pre-registration form has been made available on 22nd January (Friday) on our official website

The link for the online registration form can be found here: As explained by David K Pillai in the meeting held on 20th January 2021, the students are to fill this pre-registration form with all the correct details and information. Upon completion of this form, an acknowledgement code will be generated which is required to carry out the registration. Students are advised to save the code. The students will also be provided with their Date of Arrival on their respective chosen campus. Students are also advised to specify the number of people that will be accompanying them on their registration process so that arrangements can be made accordingly. Students should travel with less number of people to avoid overcrowding at the venue.

Date of Arrival:

As announced by David K Pillai, the date of arrival for the students for the Chennai campus has been set for 5th of February 2021 and will go on till 10th February 2021. The dates have been confirmed by Dr Pillai himself. As for Pune campus, the date of arrival is set for 10th of February. The date of arrival will be allocated to each student after the completion of the pre-registration form that has been made available online. Students are advised to arrive at their respective campus on the allotted date with the specified number of people to accompany them. The dates of arrival for the students to the campus was only decided after both the states relaxed some of their travel restrictions. It is because of this restriction that DMSF couldn’t schedule the arrival dates and had to wait till the end of January to confirm the dates and the subsequent details.

Also, we have kept 5 days of arrival for the students on each campus. This is mainly done to invite the students in smaller groups, thus, avoiding overcrowding of the students at all costs. At the end of the arrival, the students will be allocated hostel dorms and rooms and can also avail hostel mess facilities for 3 staple meals of the day.

Talking to the students and their parents, Dr David K Pillai also explained a few Dos & Don’ts for the students to keep in mind as they travel to the campus and get accustomed to the hostel life. Below are the few important points mentioned by Dr Pillai which every student should follow:

  • Students should carry a minimum number of clothes & shoes as there will be issued uniforms for each of the students.
  • Students are advised to stay within the campus at all times to lessen the risk of exposure to the virus.
  • Students are expected to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college at all times and maintain the college decorum at all costs.
  • Each student is supposed to undergo a swab test and a thermal check at least twice a day that will be carried out by the college officials. The reports will be relayed to the parents as well.
  • Each student must carry a negative test report for Covid-19 within 48 hours of arrival.
  • All the parents must ensure that the students apply for a passport before their arrival if they do not have one.
For detailed instructions, please visit It is advisable to go through the above link and restrictions before making the way to the campus.

Schedule for Face to Face Classes:

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the resuming of the face-to-face classes given the difficulties imposed by Covid-19. Although the online classes for the BS program for the 2020-2021 batch started in August, we must resume the offline classes for the overall betterment of the students. But the same has to be planned with extreme caution because the safety of the students is the priority. For those students who have been attending online classes, they will be nearing their end of the semester and we will smoothen the transition through this period. Once the date of arrival is scheduled, the start of the face-to-face classes will also be announced to each student on our official website.

It is also to be noted that the visa interviews have started in Pune and students are requested to apply for their passport before arrival. The Philippines embassy though it is not operating anywhere in Pune, the council general has agreed to come over for the interview purposes. As per the consent, the process will start from 1st February onwards and students who couldn’t travel to the Philippines in the last year are strongly encouraged to get their passport and visa documents done in time.

Verify your sources of information:

There is no official platform of DMSF apart from

All the students and the parents are requested to steer away from all fake news and rumours and are advised to verify their sources. As DMSF does not have any official WhatsApp group or a Telegram group, students are asked not to rely on such forwards. All the official updates will be provided on the official website only.

As we have seen in the past, social media has been misused to spread lies and misinformation which can lead to wrong choices in life. One should always remember to stay away from all such practices and news. Dr David Pillai strongly suggests that all the official updates will only be announced on the official website.

Dr David K Pillai reassures all the parents about the 21 years fruitful association of DMSF & Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and reasserts the fact that the students are in the best hands guided by the most experienced faculty and flourishing facilities.

Update for NEET Unqualified Students:

NEET-UG is a mandatory requirement for the students who want to pursue an MBBS course in DMSF. Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd will be running a dedicated and specialised NEET coaching for the last year and the current students to help them in their NEET exams. The NEET coaching of Transworld is conducted to provide the students with high-quality study materials and help them understand the syllabus, manage time and practice sample papers and mock tests. Our special faculty will also provide each student with an individual progress report daily to assess the strengths and work on weaknesses.

News for Direct MD Students:

As for students who already have a medical bachelor degree be it in nursing or pharmacology, these Indian students can get directly registered to our medical program and the visa process for these students will start as per the government regulations.

DMSF welcomes all the new students with open and welcoming arms for every student to embrace their dream of becoming a successful doctor.

Visit to hear the official announcement uploaded on our website.