Doctor's Day 1st July 2021: Celebrating the Heroes of the Hour

Doctor's Day 1st July 2021: Celebrating the Heroes of the Hour

Doctors Dating Back in Time:

Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist was once asked by a group of students, “what was the first sign of civilization?” Many speculated that it was agriculture, domestication or making weapons or even the start of trade that could have been the first sign of civilization.

To everyone’s amusement, Mead answered, “The first sign of civilization in the most ancient culture was a Femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed.” This fossilized remains of healed bone mark the start of civilization.

Why so?

Because a broken bone would mean no hunting, no running away from danger and hence imminent death of the species. No animal could have survived a broken bone because that would inhibit its survival features. You become meat for other predators.

But a broken bone that is healed is a piece of stark evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the fallen, taken time to heal the wounds, carried the wounded to safety, fed him and tended him to recovery. Helping someone through difficulties is where civilizations start. So, it is safe to say that Doctors, Healers, Medics are our start to a more organized and civilized world.

A Doctor’s Powerful Tool: A Pair of Healing Hands

As time passed by, Doctors became an integral part of our society. From war vets to healers, from counsellors to emergency staff, Doctors are everywhere and their contribution to this society is unparalleled. And it does not take much to realise the importance of medical staff in our day to day lives. They save lives, give second chances to people and make this world a better and healthier place to live in. We have a lot to owe to our doctors for the security they have provided. It is the direct proportion of improved medical advances that increased the life expectancy of people. From the first shot of penicillin to the latest covishield, Doctors are of paramount importance.

Doctors or healers have been predominant since ancient times. Egyptian civilization had healers, Africans had shamans, whereas Indians had Vaids. The earliest form of medicine known to humankind probably stemmed from Herbalism, a process of using plants with medicinal properties. The first known dentistry dates back to 7000 BCE in Balochistan whereas France in 4,900 BCE probably had the first amputation done.

Through ages, medical science has progressed at a faster rate. Today, we have regular documented cases of Craniectomy, Oesophagectomy, and Spinal osteomyelitis being done on a day-to-day basis, all testament to the fact how much we have progressed. But technology can just take you so far. Without the skilled pair of hands to these powerful tools, everything is meaningless.

And this is where Doctors have proved their worth a million times over.

The Current Scenario: Why do we need more efficient healthcare workers, professional allied medical care, nurses and other support staff?

One doesn’t need to look back in time to gauge the importance of doctors and the role they play in our lives. For the last 18 months or so, the world has been tormented by a severe pandemic that wreaked havoc in our usual lives. It turned everything upside down and emphasized a gaping hole in our healthcare system. India, although ranks among the Top 10 in growing GDP, also ranks 143 out of 147 in the Healthcare Index. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 1 doctor for every 1000 patients which in India is around 1:1456. And during the pandemic, this figure has gone up drastically with some villages recording up to 1:2000 doctor to patient ratio. The same goes for the Nurses as well. Despite that, most of us got attention when the push came to shove. And it is only because the available doctors put their lives on the line, sacrificing everything for the sake of the betterment of people, for the wellbeing of fellow citizens.

This pandemic has given us a perspective. A newly found respect for the Doctors which got reaffirmed with each passing second during this pandemic. Doctors have become the frontline warriors protecting us from an invisible threat that threatens our very survival. Doctors are those capeless heroes who are saving the day silently day in and day out.

National Doctor’s Day: Celebrating the doctors every day!

Celebrated on the 1st of July in honour of legendary physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, it is Dr Roy’s unprecedented and selfless aid that cured, healed and gave life to countless people that makes this day all about the doctors. Given the service the doctors of our nation have provided, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will be addressing all the doctors and commemorate them for their exceptional service to the nation. And while we all agree a day is not enough to celebrate these Heroes of the Hour, we shall be uniting in solidarity to show our support for these selfless superheroes called Doctors.

Davao Medical School Foundation wishes every doctor a very Happy Doctor’s Day on this auspicious occasion of National Doctor’s Day.