DMSF in the Philippines: Practical application vs Theoretical knowledge

Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines: Practical application vs Theoretical knowledge

One of the top reasons for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines is because the teaching language is English. Students get to complete their MBBS study in Philippines at an affordable cost. For the students to have a great exposure towards practical application, Davao Medical School Foundation is the best option as the institution offers courses that are designed to have practical application along with theoretical knowledge.

Davao Medical School Foundation, the MBBS syllabus follows the advanced method of learning, that is purely based on developing the practical skills of the students by following the American syllabus While the clinical training at Davao Medical School Foundation helps the students to get placed with jobs of high salary package.

Davao Medical School Foundation

MBBS study in the Philippines is called M.D ( Doctor of Medicine). Firstly, the students shall have to complete the pre-med program, after which they shall have to complete the M.D program. For the Indian medical aspirants, Davao Medical School Foundation comes out as an institution that provides high-quality education at a low-cost fee. The syllabus of the MBBS course at Davao Medical School Foundation ensures practical application to the students.

Before getting into the details, let's have a detailed discussion regarding the importance of practical and theoretical knowledge during the MBBS Study.

Importance of theoretical knowledge

With the widespread assumptions around the subjects, theories remain at the heart of the practice. It requires a lot of planning and research. The facts can never be separated from theories. Theories have grown to become the essentials for practical application.

  • Theories emerge as an integral part of healthcare practice, for their research and promotion
  • Theoretical knowledge shapes the way of practitioners while research interprets evidence.
  • Theories framework the models to extend the aspect of thinking about reality
  • Theories influence understanding healthcare.

Importance of practical application

The practical application of theoretical knowledge manifests the concept of knowing the skill. It is very important to grasp the mechanism of work. Theory helps you to apply while practical application helps to solve the problem.

  • Practical application is the acquisition of knowledge.
  • It helps you to bring out the potential, that transits you from learner to professional
  • Practical skills are an essential part of Physicians daily.
  • Practical application emerges as a tool that helps you to trade.
  • It improves the experimental learning in an individual

Difference between Theoretical knowledge and Practical application

Theoretical knowledge Practical Application
Theoretical knowledge helps you learn things without practical knowledge The Practical application helps to understand how things happen to work.
Theoretical knowledge takes time to understand Practical application takes less time
It is highly focused on concepts It is highly focused on the implementation of the concepts
Theoretical knowledge helps you to study the experience of others The Practical application helps to build own experiences

While knowledge is the key aspect of every individual, it is very important to gain theoretical knowledge, but it is of no use without the practical application of gained knowledge. Theoretical knowledge will help you to achieve things but there is no point in having knowledge and not implying it to action.

This is how students at Davao Medical School Foundation get benefited by gaining practical application along with theoretical knowledge.

Davao Medical School Foundation- Practical Application

Davao Medical School Foundation follows an advanced syllabus that is based on the American system of medical education. DMSF ensures great career prospects to its students that promise a high salary package. With the whopping number of students of about 6000+ students who have successfully become doctors studying at DMSF. The MBBS graduates from Davao Medical School Foundation have a high preference in hospitals around the world.

Students get to have a successful career at Davao Medical School Foundation because the medical college primarily focuses on developing the practical

skills and practical application of the students based on the syllabus. As per the syllabus, students have direct clinical training that helps students to have great exposure.

Clinical rotation at Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation offers a very intense clinical rotation for the students during the 3rd and 4th years along with the course. The disease spectrum in Philippines is similar to that of India, which makes it easier for the students to practice medicine in India. Davao Medical School Foundation is associated with five hospitals like Davao Doctors Hospital, San Pedro Hospital, Brokenshire Hospital, Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital, and Southern Philippines Medical Hospital.

With about 4000 beds, students at DMSF are offered immense practical knowledge through clinical rotation as a part of their curriculum. Davao Doctors hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city with modern facilities such as state-of-the-art diagnostic, Intensive care facilities, and Therapeutic facilities.

Davao Medical School Foundation Affiliated Hospital

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the leading institutes in Philippines. DMSF provides clinical exposure to its students in association with the hospitals listed below:

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

San Pedro Hospital

San Pedro Hospital

Broken Shire Hospital

Broken Shire Hospital

Davao Doctor Hospital

Davao Doctor Hospital

Southern Philippines Medical Center

Southern Philippines Medical Center

Davao Medical School Foundation- Lab facilities

Davao Medical School Foundation has invested in setting up the equipment that is equipped with the latest technology. DMSF provides advanced lab facilities that are available in the top few colleges around the world. The facilities include State-of-the-art laboratories, Simulation labs, Microbiology labs, and Cadaver dissection labs that let you develop required skills.

Let’s have a look at the lab facilities available at Davao Medical School Foundation:

  • Anatomage Table
    There are Anatomage tables that include virtual dissection to study human anatomy. It is available and adopted by the leading medical school in the world.
  • Simulation Lab
    Simulation Labs are designed to provide a learning experience to their students. It helps in honing the student's skills and refining techniques. Simulation labs at DMSF allow students to reduce the risk of harming the patients.
  • Microbiology Lab
    Davao Medical School Foundation has a fully-equipped microbiology lab. This provides an overview of the process of pathogen identification.
  • Cadaver Dissection Lab
    DMSF introduces its students to the practical application of handling human anatomy by introducing the Cadaver Dissection Lab. To shine in the field of medicine, students get to practice with cadavers at DMSF.

In Conclusion:

There are thousands of students who fly every year to achieve their dreams of entering the medical field. Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the best medical colleges to study MBBS in Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation focuses on developing the practical application skills of the students rather than the theoretical knowledge, students get direct clinical training as a part of the course.

And because Medical Science is a field that requires extensive hands-on practice and real-time mitigation of complications, therefore it is imperative one spends more, if not, equal hours in developing the practical applications as one prefers to hone their theoretical knowledge. After all, the more years of practice you get behind your hands, the safer they become to save lives.

Davao Medical School Foundation is currently enrolling on the MBBS program for the academic year 2021-2022. Now get your admission done at Davao Medical School Foundation to have clinical exposure and excel in the medical field. Visit our website: