Davao Medical School Foundation and its Global Internship Program

Davao Medical School Foundation and its Global Internship Program.

While the inventions and discoveries keep changing with time, in today’s world it is very important to be updated with the latest technologies and have a grip of knowledge with respective subjects. To adapt yourself to the changing world, access to quality education plays a crucial role in the early stages of an individual’s life, this is how Davao Medical School Foundation and its Global internship programs help in carving out the medical profession.

The Medical University, Davao Medical School Foundation was established in 1976, while there was a severe lack of healthcare facilities in the city of the Philippines. DMSF took the initiative to provide low-cost and high-quality medical education to its students. To study MBBS in the Philippines might be the dream of many, but the seedlings were sowed years back to make this dream a reality. Let's see how the renowned medical university manages to provide world-class education.

Davao Medical School Foundation focuses on practical based knowledge by conducting internship and clerkship programs through the clinical rotation in the final year of the curriculum.Students get to practice medicine in world-class hospitals, as the medical university is associated with five hospitals for the clinical training of students. Students get exposed to the clinical world through the internship program even before completing their degree.

Highlights- Davao Medical School Foundation

The prestigious institution is well-renowned for its quality education today. They break the walls through several mediums, one of such is by introducing practical-based learning through implementing the technology-induced curriculum. The top features of Davao Medical School Foundation are listed below:

World-class accreditations, and recognition

Davao Medical School Foundation is recognized by institutions and esteemed organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), PAASCU, and FAIMER. Davao Medical School Foundation has been able to earn the affiliation by the best hospitals for clinical training during the tenure of the internship program. Students get familiarized with the patient as well as the latest technology.

American System based Curriculum

Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American standard of Education. The curriculum is purely based on clinical and practical based learning that helps the students to have exposure to the clinical experience. The class environment is made to be very interactive for better understanding. The MBBS course structure is divided into two parts such as pre-med course (BS) and MD course. In the final year, students shall have to go through clinical rotation, as they get to experience the real-time scenarios in the hospital.

Emerging Technology

It is one of the first medical colleges in the Philippines to introduce many of the latest features including Simulation Mannequins, State-of-the-art equipment. These mannequins help the students to reduce human error by diagnosing through trial and error methods. Along with Simulation Mannequins, the other features are followed by a 3D Anatomage table, Plastinated Models, Virtual reality, and many more added to the list of features.


Among the digital world and the advanced method of teaching, DMSF makes certain standard values in providing quality education accessible to all. The foundation has retained its standard in providing high-quality education at a very low-cost fee. It is because of its commitment, they have been able to maintain its standard of education.

Davao Medical School Foundation and its Global Internship Programmes

Clinical Rotation

Davao Medical School Foundation has provided its immense contribution to healthcare facilities and society. Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American System of Education that includes clinical exposure as part of the curriculum. Students will have to go through a very intense program for the clinical rotation during the final year of the MD course. Davao Medical School Foundation has a dedicated hospital within the campus to train its students.

Davao Medical School Foundation is associated with five hospitals for the students to gain clinical knowledge, and those are Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital, Davao Doctors Hospital, San Pedro Hospital, Broken Shire Memorial Hospital, and Southern Philippines Medical Center to get the required practical knowledge. The combined strength of the affiliated hospitals has about 4000 clinical beds for training.

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

The hospital has about 100 beds. It is a 4-storey tertiary care hospital, located over a 10000 square meter area. It consists of about 60 private rooms, the wards have about 24 beds available. They also have two suite rooms while the rest are semi-private rooms. It was established to provide a quality health care facility to the rural and urban areas.

Davao Doctors Hospital

Davao Doctors Hospital is a privately-owned hospital. It is a multi-speciality and tertiary hospital located in the city of Davao. It was founded in 1969. It is one of the largest and modern hospitals in the Southern part of the Philippines. There are about 250 beds that offer state-of-the-art diagnostics, intensive care units, and therapeutics all in a one-stop centre.

San Pedro Hospital

San Pedro Hospital is a catholic non-stop, non-profit, non-stock hospital that is committed to caring for the sick and poor. They aimed to deliver quality health care to all. The management of the hospital is done by the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity. It is accredited by the Philippines Health Insurance Corporation, and also provides healthcare services to various health organizations.

Broken Shire Memorial Hospital

Broken Shire Hospital is integrated by Health Ministries. It is a non-stock, non-profit, also registered with the exchange commission of the Republic of the Philippines and securities. The tertiary level is the 3rd health facility with about 200 bed capacity in the hospital. They have services for both outpatient and inpatient. The hospital offers training for the medical residency in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Internal Medicine. The staff working in the hospital are specially trained.

Southern Philippines Medical Center

Southern Philippines Medical Center was established in 1917, it is a government hospital under the Department of Health of the Philippines. Initially, the hospital was started with a 25-bed capacity, later it was increased to 600 beds, and today they have a bed capacity of 1500 making it the largest hospital in the Philippines. During the time of the pandemic, Southern Philippines Medical Center became the receiving centre for the covid-19 patients in the city of Mindanao.

Davao Medical School Foundation- Clinical Clerkship

Clinical rotation allows the students to apply the theoretical knowledge from classroom learning to real-time experience. Students have access to patients and gain hands-on- experience on clinical trials. The very first training provided to the students is to interact with the patient, making them well prepared from clinical rotation. It helps the students to make decisions about which field they want to get specialized in.

The fourth-year syllabus consists of the following:

Subjects Duration of the course (in weeks) Duration of the course (in hours)
Clinical Skills Module 4 weeks 224 hours
Medicine 8 weeks 448 hours
Surgery 8 weeks 448 hours
Ob-Gynecology 8 weeks 448 hours
Paediatrics 8 weeks 448 hours
Comm.Med. 8 weeks 448 hours
Ophtha+ENT 2 weeks 112 hours
Dermatology 2 weeks 112 hours
Psychiatry 4 weeks 224 hours
Total: 52 weeks 2912 hours
  • The clerkship training that is provided at Davao Medical School Foundation is an equivalent internship program in India. As per NMC, students who have completed the clerkship program at DMSF do not need to take up an internship program in India.
  • The faculties at Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital meet the International standards, which helps the students to have global exposure.
  • DMSF hosts educational seminars frequently, also conducting global events thereby increasing its reach.
  • Students from DMSF will get a chance to do internships in the US and UK as per their choice of preference.

What do students achieve from DMSF clinical internship training?

While the classroom knowledge might vary from the real life scenarios, Davao Medical School Foundation incorporates clinical clerkship as a part of the syllabus, clinical rotation is an essential part of the MBBS study.With these opportunities students get proficient with the clinical exposure. Below is the list of what students achieve from the internship program at Davao Medical School Foundation:

  • Students get to interact with the patients , they get to connect with the patient and model the patient-physician relationship.
  • They get to learn professional skills
  • Students get to identify the indication for the diagnostic procedures.
  • Performing basic clinical procedures such as suturing,venipuncture etc.
  • Learning to study patients information
  • To perform and assist with the surgical procedures
  • To build a network , as the connections made during the clerkship program might help one to land in jobs in the future.

Davao Medical School foundation focuses primarily on providing a world-class education to its students, the MBBS course structure at DMSF is quite different from other universities as the college focuses on practical-based knowledge. They follow the American system of education, where the MBBS course is subdivided into two parts such as the BS course and MD course.

Students from DMSF get excellent clinical knowledge through the internship program that is globally recognized. DMSF through its global internship programs trains the students for the medical world and helps them in reducing errors. It enables its students to have wide exposure in the medical field that increases their skills.

Davao Medical School Foundation is associated with five hospitals, with a combined bed strength of more than 4000 for the clinical rotation of students in the final year of the MBBS course. DMSF Hospital has internationally recognized faculties, which shall bring great exposure for the students. The medical university conducts several educational seminars for the student's exposure. Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the best choices to study MBBS in the Philippines.

The aspiring medical aspirants can get their admissions done now, to visit our website click on the link: www.dmsf.ph , or call us on our toll-free number: 1800 547 3220, or visit https://bit.ly/3AVmZm6 to get in touch with us.